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A young man living in New York City was hunting for a room to rent when he visited the Park Avenue apartment of a financial analyst looking to share his space. Upon showing the prospective renter his full closet of nearly new designer clothes the analyst declared, "I can get rid of half of this stuff to make space for you." After asking him what he was going to do with the clothes, the analyst replied, "Probably throw them out... cause I really don't know of a charity that would come and pick them up. If I did, I would pay for it." 

Inspired by this experience, the young man spent months researching the idea of creating a charity that would not only accept clothing donations but be able to pick them up from those wishing to donate. However, he discovered that there were in fact charities that offered a pick up service (although not many). For the charities that didn't, they could be reached quite easily by a courier service. What was really missing was a center of information about these charities and the couriers that could deliver donations.

Frustrated by the lack of easily accessible information about charities who accepted clothing donations and driven by a strong desire to make his Catholic faith more real, the young man created Donations Central. He saw a city with an excess of resources not nearly being fully utilized to help individuals in need. That needed to change.

We have only scratched the surface of using the internet's potential to connect those in need with those who wish to help. Not only in New York but everywhere. With God's help, Donations Central, hopes to be a catalyst that helps unlock the love in people all over the world.